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    New Yew Wah, New Start!

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    09 Sep, 2022

    14 : 01

    • With the sound of "good morning" and the bright smiles of the children, our new semester has finally begun! Excited, the children trotted into the campus! In every corner of the schoolhouse, you can hear the children's exclamation! The morning of the campus is full of teachers walking hastily, but also full of vitality because of the arrival of children! New Yaohua, we start from here!

    • As for the large campus, the children are full of curiosity, "What classroom is this?" "There are new toys on the playground." "Where is our sandbox?"
      So, the children lined up, the teacher incarnated "tour guide", began the campus tour!

    • The beginning of the new semester, on behalf of us grow up!
      Growth has a magical power to make children suddenly brave, confident and omnipotent.
      The teacher and the children held a class promotion ceremony to celebrate growth!

    • There are some new faces in the class and the environment is still a little unfamiliar.
      The teacher orchestrated an introductory session in which the children were encouraged to get familiar with each other through play and to draw closer with warm words.