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    感受、触摸、理解——向世界SAY HI

    School News

    27 Dec, 2021

    10 : 00

    • What does “International” mean to you? Do you tend to think of clothes, foods, or luxury items being imported from another country? In a way you are correct because according to Collins dictionary, International is defined as “between or among nations; involving two or more nations”. Last month we took this definition pretty seriously as we shared seven different countries with our students.

      During the International Month,we introduced and shared many different aspects of our chosen countries with our students.During the course of the month we learned about where are countries are located on the world map.After this many of us learned about our countries flag.During the rest of the month our students spent time learning about things that they were interested in, such as animals and buildings found in our perspective country as well as the language, dances, songs, clothing, and most importantly food.Towards the end of the month all our classes individually made a dish at embodies their country.

      Finally, we had a live stream viewing of each class’s country to celebrate our learning. Students proudly showed their countries to audience and shared songs and dances representing the country they were in. Children were also expressing their excitement at the power of technology by seeing themselves and peers appear on the screen! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed learning about different countries around the world.

      Immersion in the multicultural environment helps children build up their sense of global citizenship and international-mindedness. We will continue to provide similar activities to help children understand the richness of the world through personal participation, and gradually form their diverse and open cultural perspectives. We believe that by feeling the world by themselves, children can get to explore this real and colorful world authentically.

      See you at the next YEW Wah International Day!